Yes, People will speak behind you

People will behind you - infinithoughtsJuy2014

People will behind you - infinithoughtsJuy2014

[ Published in ‘infinithoughts’ July,2014 ]

Yes, People will speak behind you – Paraman Pachaimuthu

Dear Vini,

I understand how one would feel when people around us speak badly about us.  Feel like earth should break, open wide and feel like jumping inside, isn’t it?

I know you couldn’t focus on your food, work and any regular activities. You may not feel anything worthy.  You may think “I am not of such kind; I do things with very good intentions. Why they speak like that behind me? The people whom I love have stabbed me in the back. How much I have done for them! Nothing is worth here. Is it?”  Your mind may be playing these statements again and again.  I understand what you must be going through. I feel with you.

I am not concerned about people or what they speak. I am concerned about you. You should not fall for these petty issues. You may like to ask me whether this is petty. My answer is – yes, this is a very very small issueg compared to what you are going to achieve in this year, in the years to come and what you are made for. Hence, my concern is not about people or about what they speak. My concern is about you.

People will speak. That’s how they are. It is not just for you. It is not with this period of time. It is universal. This is how the world has been for centuries, ages and yugas. Have you not read that in treta yuga, a washerman made comments about king Rama’s wife. In 1765, when the Scottish engineer James Watt designed the first steam engine – which is considered a milestone in rail transport – there were people who opined that “If it comes into operation, hens won’t lay eggs and hatch chickens; cows won’t eat or give milk; children won’t sleep, etc.” About Mahatma Gandhi, about Mother Teresa, about great leaders, about great kings, about countries, about the society, about events, about incidents, about actions, about anything, about anybody people speak.

People will speak. They will make comments. It is how they are. Who was not spoken about? They spoke about Christ. They spoke about Prophet. People spoke about Thirtankars, about Nayanmars and Alwars. They even speak about God. They spoke, they speak and they will speak. It is how they are. Hence, my concern is not about people or what they speak. My concern is about you. People are not very particular to speak about you. They need something or somebody to talk about. Now you have become the topic for them to talk about. That’s all. Don’t get upset or feel bad.

Actually, if people are speaking about you, you should feel good. Do you know why? People will speak only about those who are different from the average crowd. You look unique, your actions, your way, your behavior or thoughts are unique and you stand separate from the crowd. That makes people to speak about you. Feel good that world is looking at you. People around you feel that in a few aspects you have crossed them, gone up to the next level. Hence they think that they can’t speak to you directly. Hence they speak behind you.

Life has allotted time for everyone. These people spend their time speaking about others. They have more time to waste. Don’t bother. They get nothing except a momentary cheap pleasure. Let’s not fall into that gang. Let’s not waste our time by going into ‘why they speak like that. Let’s use our time on right things, go up, grow up in life. Ignore them.


Once we go up and show results, the magic will happen. The same people will speak good about us then. Anyway, they will keep speaking about. Let them speak about our success, about our achievements. Keep going. Be a selective dumb in those aspects. The same people who spoke bad when steam engine was invented would have subsequently spoke very high about James Watt for the revolution he had brought in.

After the film ‘Roja’ become a super hit, people made remarks about A R Rahman too. People said, “His music is stereo type; it goes up suddenly and comes down all of a like a sine wave. It is not music at all. With the recording gimmicks, he cheats people. It is not music.” He was busy with his work. He kept on working on composing new music and new tunes. And you know the same people speak today, “A R Rahman is our pride. He won two Oscars for our nation. His music soothes our mind; give a sudden energy when we feel sluggish.” I just want to say, irrespective of what they spoke, A R Rahman did not stop. He got busy with his life and the world calls him ‘Revolutionary, Oscar winner A R Rahman.’

People would have spoken about Edmund Hillary, Sachin Tendulkar, Superstar Rajini Kanth. You take pride in yourself; don’t stop for these things. Understand that you are growing and that’s why people are speaking. Keep going. Get busy with life. Produce results. And the magic will happen. People will speak about you!

Best wishes,

Paraman Pachaimuthu


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  1. sivavelan

    I like it very mach….

  2. infinitheist santhalingam


  3. infinitheist santhalingam

    We can paramanna

  4. Sugithaa Paraman

    Exceptionally true …

  5. sarla anand

    Superb …I liked it very much

  6. Poornima Neethu

    “People will speak behind You
    World will speak behind You
    They won’t stop
    But You don’t stop either..
    Show them the Results!!!”

    That was really inspiring..!!


    Loving you Saggezza … It’s true … Nice …

  8. kumaran

    People would have spoken about everybody and also will speak about … true. Loving you Paraman

  9. sarla anand

    I think this article for me Paraman…yes its true .I should not bother about what people speak behind me.yes I will not bother of people behind me..thanks and loving u so much…excellent Paraman .

  10. Jayakanthan.k.s.

    Yes Paraman . . . Most of the peoples speaking about others.because They are always trying to hide their inefficiency . . .
    Thank you …

  11. Srihari

    Thank you Paraman…

  12. Mathiyazhagan

    பிறர் முதுகுக்குப் பின்னால் நாம் செய்ய வேண்டியது
    தட்டிக்கொடுக்க வேண்டியுது மட்டும் தான்.

  13. priya ravee

    It’s truth. … very nic. ….

  14. priya ravee

    It’s true. … very nic. ….lovng u so much…..

  15. mashu

    Excellent. Imparting the right emotions all the time, leads our thoughts and feelings in the right direction. Eventually even when things go wrong, the right feelings leads us in the right path with humongous happiness. Thanking you all the time and loving you infinite! This article especially as its in simple language can transform the thought process of all levels.

  16. Kala

    People are not very particular to speak about you. They need something or somebody to talk about. Now you have become the topic for them to talk about. 

    Great lines Paraman.. It holds very true.. Ignore and achieve big ..just like the story of a deaf frog… 🙂

  17. Renganayaki

    “understand tht u r growing,thts y people r spkng abt u”.. Dffrnt perspective and thts the way to look at it.. Wonderful article

  18. Subha Ramadoss

    We Born To Win And Live .Let Them Speak .,We Will Take Every Word As Stepping Stone With Smile :)Thank U Paraman For Such An Inspiring Thought .

  19. Maha Swaminathan

    Height of inspiration…Soul cleaning article..

    1. nithya venkatesh

      It’s a master piece saggezza,
      that too a master piece which even kids can understand.
      You have attacked one of the major stumbling blocks in people’s life saggezza.I wish the whole world reads and benefits from this.
      Loving you so much saggezza

  20. Lavanya H

    🙂 thanks for reminding again! 🙂

  21. G.Praburam.

    Dear Saggezza
    One of the worthy articles I read.
    This is a timely reminder for all of us.
    There are lot of lessons which can be learnt from this, once we deep dive into the article..I found…
    1)Before we advice to anyone ,we need to empathize and feel with their feelings. Basically we need to convey them that ” I understand”..
    2)We need not bother about those who speak bad about us behind us..let us focus on our growth.
    3)If we leave petty things petty ,our life will be pretty.
    4)When we are chasing bigger goals,these things will appear very small and do not consume our time and energy to have war of words with them.
    5)From history we can have lot of references ,how the legendary people approached this and outgrown.
    6)Time is a precious resource and it need not be wasted in feeling bad about what people spoke.
    7) we need to understand that people speak behind us only When we are marching forward and moving above the crowd.
    8)Basically we need to understand that the loudest way to tell the world “shut up” is to produce results..
    I understand ..and I am going to produce results..
    I promise saggezza !
    Loving you!

  22. Vickram

    Factual words. Truely inspirational


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