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When we learn a message for life or realize something and mind mulling over the learnt wisdom, we would find some connection with the wisdom and the immediate experiences we get in life.

‘ Don’t give too much attention to diseases. It takes more space in your subconscious and it will keep on conspiring you the experience of disease.’ – was the message we discussed in our monthly follow up session.

I found myself sharing the breakfast table with my friend. After we are done with our catch ups, I asked my friend “ Hey dude, how is your wife Leela ?”

“On medicine, she is running high temperature”

“ Hey, you mentioned something like this even during our last meet a couple of months ago!”

“ Yes Paraman. Something is wrong. First she was hospitalized for dehydration. Before she could regain her health completely, she fell in bathroom, the very next week she got throat infection and now she is having high fever. I think this is not just with the body, there is something beyond is wrong with her. She need help I believe”

“ Yes. That is what we learnt in the follow up this month. Looks like her thought pattern is wrong. She might be sinking into self pity and processing more of illness. Her thought process might be in that line and life keep on giving experiences in that line”

On the same evening, I happened to watch a small video clip of my colleague A. R. Krishnan’s seven month old grandson. The little Madhav was lying down. His father is making an act to the little one by bringing something closer to his face and the little one goes into bursting laughter. Seeing the little one laughing his heart out, the father again repeats the same action and the child again goes into bursting laughter. This action cycle continues for few rounds. Though the video clip was over on my desktop’s screen, it was running in my mental screen. Father made an act to the child, the child was laughing, the heart of the parent feels “ My son is celebrating this, Let me give him more of this” and hence he makes the same act again and makes his son to go through same experiences more. I got it. The Eternal Father is watching all his kids, seeing what we celebrate and make His children go through more of the same experience. What we celebrate He gives us more. My friend’s wife leela, likes to put her through self-pity and deep of sickness, and HE the father keeps giving her more of the same experiences in the form of various diseases. This little seven month old Madhav celebrates some act of his father and the father, keeps giving back same experiences again and again.

We human being have the basic nature of celebrating the disease by giving too much emotions and too much attentions to it and hence life keeps giving more of what we celebrate. Enjoy your health, celebrate your fitness, celebrate your happy moments and for sure that Father will give more of that experiences. Life will give what you celebrate. Do you want health, fitness, happy moments and positive things? Then celebrate health, fitness, happy moments and positive things. Do you want diseases, negative things and misery? Then celebrate diseases, negative things and misery.

Life will give what I celebrate, I should not celebrate my disease I should celebrate my health. My Guru says “ Keep all the positive things in five sentences. Keep the negative things in one sentence, understand intellectually and detach your emotions”. Speak about your health, enjoy the happy incidents in the marriage. By having such approach you will be actually celebrating the positive things and will see more positive occurrences in life. I just want to tell you I am at my best now, the way I’m enjoying my health and fitness is superb, the way I’m growing in my profession is phenomenal. I’m in the golden period of my life and I know this will continue.

Life will give what you celebrate. What do you want to celebrate?

[Got published in an English magazine]

Paraman Pachaimuthu


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